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About Us

SP&J General Contractors was founded in 2005. Steve Pace, David Pace, Joe Scheffer, and Mitchell Jones joined together with the dream that hard work, dedication, a focus on taking care of your customers, and most importantly taking care of your employees would create a work environment that was successful.

Fifteen years later SP&J General Contractors has grown beyond what any one of them could have envisioned. In 2010, a new state of the art facility was built in Trinity, AL.

Now employing around 75-100 employees SP&J General Contractors has grown to be known as an employee first work environment with a focus on safety, quality, and craftsmanship. Through the years of hard work SP&J General Contractors has a proven track record, it doesn’t matter how big or how fast paced the job may be . . . From Start to Finish SP&J General Contractors will be there to see you through to completion.